SPACE10 Virtual

We are excited to connect with you in evolving ways. SPACE10 Virtual is our first experiment in creating immersive virtual spaces, so that everyone, no matter where they are in the world, can meet and interact with us, our projects and each other, plus attend talks and events.

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SPACE10 isn’t built to last, but to evolve.

As our global community grows, we recognise that many people can’t join us in person at SPACE10 in Copenhagen. So we’re making it easier to meet us for a coffee, tour our HQ, or attend an event from anywhere, online — via

SPACE10 Virtual is a digital third place. It’s a space where we can host hybrid gatherings, acting as an immersive, digital layer to our in-house events. We can invite you to join us for a meeting there. Plus, our virtual front door is always open — so you can take a tour anytime or host your own meetings in the space.

We hope it will act as a platform for creative thinkers and technologists around the world to meet, interact, explore and share ideas.

While we don’t believe virtual spaces will ever replace the experience of meeting physically, they offer new opportunities to engage with communities beyond borders.

How we made it

How it works

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