Tomorrow’s Materials

Can we positively affect our local environments by designing with readily available materials that are representative of — and in symbiosis with — the specific places we live?


The Residency

In March 2022, SPACE10 is launching a pop-up in Mexico City. As part of our stay, we are looking for three to five creatives who are experts in the local bioregions and the locally abundant — yet underutilised — natural materials of Mexico. Through design research and experimentation, residents will build upon their existing knowledge to identify and investigate possibilities for a local biomaterial of their own choice. They could be naturally occurring or reinvented uses for waste in a manner that makes sense for the local environment. Could the by-product of tequila production, the Sargassum seaweed piling up on the shores, or corn husk become tomorrow’s materials?


The final outcome is the development of physical prototypes showcasing the future vision and potential local impact of the selected material, which will be presented at the pop-up on 7 April. There will also be an opportunity for residents with outstanding projects to extend their residency by a month.


The residents can expect a collaborative, six-week full-time commitment, both virtual and in Mexico City, from 28 February to 9 April 2022. While we expect residents to operate independently and be familiar with the work, they will participate in weekly digital sessions with SPACE10, and receive mentorship and guidance from material translator Seetal Solanki from Ma-tt-er for the duration of the residency. For safety precautions, the program will be a hybrid of virtual and in-person activities.