The New Everyday Life

A remote residency by SPACE10 and Are.na


With the spread of COVID-19, the physical home has become a retreat from the outside world for many. Seemingly overnight, new activities and rituals came into existence. Beyond the everyday routines of eating, sleeping and unwinding, we suddenly found ourselves working, exercising, homeschooling and dating from home. We call this condition ‘the new everyday life’. And yet, with the world in lockdown, being at home is often as complicated as being outside.

SPACE10 – IKEA – Life at Home 2017 – Photo by Andreas Ackerup – IMG_2523 (1)

SPACE10 and Are.na are launching a one-month remote residency supporting five residents to formulate a response to the complexity of living in the time of COVID-19. The focus of the residency is primarily on mental health and wellness within the confines of the home. Residents will use the UN Policy Brief: COVID-19 and the Need for Action on Mental Health as a starting point to develop their ideas.

The core of the residency will be weekly digital sessions with SPACE10, Are.na and a mental health specialist from It’s Complicated, and ongoing shared research hosted on Are.na. Residents will be asked to contribute to the shared body of research, as well as producing the final individual and creative output (e.g. a graphical statement, essay, music piece, illustration, film, prototype, garment, sculpture, poem, etc.).

Applicants from diverse perspectives and backgrounds will be prioritised in the selection process. Residents will each receive a lifetime premium Are.na membership, an honorarium of $5,000, an additional $1,200 for tools and materials, and a mental health mentorship. The residency is planned from 26 October-26 November 2020 and will take place entirely online.