The Farm: A Hydroponic Farm Inside an Office

30.01.181 min read

The Farm is our exploration of alternative methods for growing, distributing and integrating food production in our cities. In particular, it is a prototype of a hydroponic farm, located in the basement of our Copenhagen headquarters, where we’re growing a wide range of tasty microgreens.

Our hydroponic farm produces 100 kg of food per month, without any soil or sunlight, with a fraction of the amount of water that’s normally required. The automated hydroponic system effectively creates the perfect spring day, everyday, by giving the plants precisely what they need in terms of light, water and minerals. The result is delicious, fresh, chemical-free produce, all year round.

We use The Farm to explore how technology could make tasty, nutritious and local food more accessible and affordable for the many people. We want to reduce food miles and our environmental impact, and educate children about the importance of nutritious food in more meaningful and playful ways.