SPACE10 Library: A Place for Inspiration and Community

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We have redesigned our ground floor to be an open public space for everyone to read, research, meet people, share ideas or simply enjoy a coffee.

There is a library, gallery, kiosk and a program of ongoing events.

Our Copenhagen HQ has long been a place for people to gather. Involving people in our research and design processes is central to what we do, so we can continually diversify our perspectives and create solutions that truly matter for the many. It’s why we host talks with inspiring speakers, workshops, exhibitions and the occasional party, so we can bring together experts, thought leaders, decision-makers and curious minds to imagine a more healthy, regenerative and inclusive future.

In a recent SPACE10 survey, we learned that 87 percent of our community engages with us for inspiration and new ideas, while 59 percent want to be part of a like-minded community. So we wanted to explore opening up our space in new ways. As the concepts of workplaces and third places continue to evolve, we recognise the need for more shared, communal spaces in our cities. Places where people can carve out solo creative time, places where people and ideas can collide, where networks and relationships can grow, and which aren’t dependent on monetary exchange.

Libraries embody this. They are democratic havens for many people — safe, warm, accessible, and connected. They foster healthy communities and facilitate lifelong learning. Home to millions of ideas and experiences, public libraries enable access to other worlds and ways, inspiring new perspectives and futures.

‘We want to foster spaces where people and ideas can meet, and what better than a library to provide serendipitous encounters and conversations on a daily basis.’

Kevin Curran

spatial design and partnerships, SPACE10

Inspiration, exchange and ideas

Our redesigned ground floor provides our community with a public space in which to work, research, draw, write, and connect with us and each other. Window seating and communal tables are positioned among the library, featuring 100 essential books for creating a better everyday life for people and the planet — chosen by the SPACE10 team and our global community. We will update the titles regularly, and invite collaborators to guest curate a selection of books throughout the year, bringing diverse perspectives and new voices to the space.

Browse titles on climate and environment, architecture and urbanism, design and systems, business and economics, society and identity, and technology and futures. There are books for children to spark their imagination too, and a community Take & Leave section, where visitors can contribute a book and take a different one home.

‘The library is a space for us to share books we at SPACE10 find inspiring and that are shaping our own conversations, projects, and mission.’

Kathryn Bishop

editorial and research, SPACE10

A kiosk offers a selection of curated design objects, alongside drinks and snacks from local companies. These additions complement the SPACE10 Gallery and stage area, which will continue to host engaging talks, panel discussions, and film screenings.

Conscious construction

Copenhagen-based architecture and design studio Spacon & X was our first collaborator when we launched our research and design lab in 2015. The design studio also led our office redesign to support greater well-being. We turned to the team again to transform our ground floor with reading stations, shared workspaces, and quiet meeting booths.

Inspired by the concept of a kiosk, we wanted to create a gathering place where people can find interesting things to read, refuel with drinks or snacks, and catch up with local happenings. Set up like a newsstand, the library includes newspaper-style racks to house books and magazines. The racks, window tables and benches in the space use a modular construction of wooden poles and metal joints, allowing them to be reassembled or moved with ease.

‘This is a space to be used and enjoyed,’ says Svend Jacob Pedersen, co-founder of Spacon & X. ‘The different seating options, with window stools and reading nooks, give people the chance to make the space their own — whether they just want to hang out and have a coffee, or work, study, and dive into the books on display.’

The tables and benches are designed for durability and ease of care. Instead of steel, aluminium was chosen as it can be recycled infinitely at an industrial scale. Upcycled and repurposed materials are also present. The ceiling lamp combines reclaimed lights from an old office building with a wood frame to add a soft, warm contrast to the aluminium furniture.

Selecting natural, locally available, and recyclable materials has minimised the carbon footprint of the redesign, while supporting the local economy. For the racks, we turned to Danish company Kvadrat for its wool-viscose fabric, which is knitted in Norway.

Among the items for sale in the kiosk are products made with recycled or upcycled materials. These include coffee cups by Kaffeform made from coffee grounds and Studio Soriano computer bags made from upcycled tarpaulin. The kiosk will also feature a series of vases from local design studio Niko June’s Second Life collection, which saves plastic from landfill.

‘Beyond sourcing from local designers, the products on offer contribute to a better everyday life for people and the planet, from simply bringing joy as beautiful objects to having a purpose,’ Kathryn adds.

Community curation

SPACE10 Library is made for our community — and with them, too. Alongside the Take & Leave book exchange, our community can also recommend essential titles for the library. We invite you to do this by emailing us book suggestions, or visitors to the space can share recommendations by filling in blank bookmarks found on the library’s tables.

Our program of events for 2023 will also centre on community engagement, with book readings, launches, and panel discussions that build from the titles in the library. There will be interactive workshops and opportunities to meet with authors from around the world.

Head to our Visit page to learn more about SPACE10 Library, our events, exhibitions, and accessibility to the space.

SPACE10 – Ground Floor – Photo by Seth Nicolas – 13 – 36005 – Web


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