Röst: Audio as an Interface

24.10.171 min read

Röst is an ongoing experiment to explore the potential of audio interfaces to create a better everyday life for the many people.

In particular, it is a personal audio guide that’s present in your ears at all times, keeping you in the moment. Designed to work in your pocket, Röst responds directly to your location, wherever you go, and provides context-specific information and inspiration as you move.

We believe its potential is huge—if not life-changing.

Could we use Röst to help people who remain excluded from technology—such as the 300 million people who are visually impaired and the billions who aren’t tech savvy?

For instance, could a location-specific audio guide give someone a richer and more rewarding experience in, say, a shop or a museum?

Could it help someone explore a city if they have impaired mobility or limited tech experience?

To start to answer these questions, we have begun experimenting with Röst at the IKEA Museum in Älmhult, Sweden.

Powered by Detour—the platform for location-based audio experiences—Röst takes museum visitors on a journey from IKEA’s early days in Älmhult, out into the world—where we believe we can take Röst itself.