One Shared House 2030: How Will We Live in the Year 2030?

22.02.181 min read

One Shared House 2030 is a Playful Research project that aims to get insights on the future of co-living through a collaborative survey.

Designed as an online application form for a hypothetical co-living space opening in 2030, it asks which goods and services—including kitchens, workspaces, smart devices, childcare and self-driving cars—potential applicants would be willing to share, and what kind of co-living space would uniquely suit them.

With shared living growing in popularity, the aim of the project is to get a better sense of what people would like their ideal co-living space to look like, as a first step in the design journey.

One Shared House 2030 was launched in partnership with Anton & Irene—a New York-based design practice.