IMAGINE: Exploring the Brave New World of Design and Manufacturing

15.06.171 min read

IMAGINE is a magazine that we published in 2017 to showcase the trends and technological advances that enable us to see how we might reshape society for the better.

It highlights innovative ways of rethinking how we design, make and use things, and celebrates some of the pioneering companies and innovators already breaking new ground.

The magazine invites us to imagine a different future: a positive one, where the world is a better place because of — not despite — how we consume things. A future in which products didn’t have to be made in factories on the other side of the world, but instead travelled as digital files to be made locally, on demand, only when needed. A future in which we didn’t have to extract more of our planet’s finite resources, but instead started growing materials within our cities. A future in which waste was seen as a resource and became a new raw material. A future in which our protocol was “leave things better”, not just “do less harm”.