IMAGINE: Exploring the Brave New World of Shared Living

12.10.182 min read

Welcome to IMAGINE — a publication and podcast exploring the brave new world of shared living, created by SPACE10 and Urgent.Agency.

From exclusive articles and interviews to thought-provoking ideas and case studies, IMAGINE investigates both prevailing trends and best practices in the exciting new field of shared living. As part of that, we’ve also produced a four-episode podcast with Copenhagen-based production studio Unsinkable Sam. It takes listeners on a whistle-stop tour of the shared living landscape and features interviews with architects, anthropologists, designers and urban planners.

Together, the publication and podcast seek to inspire people to rethink how to design our future homes, neighbourhoods and cities to improve our quality of life and tackle some of the pressing challenges we expect to face in our new urban realities.

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Shared Living and SPACE10

SPACE10 focuses on Shared Living to explore new ways of designing living spaces in order to tackle common problems that many experience in our new urban realities. These problems include loneliness and the increasing lack of affordable housing, as well as social and demographic shifts which will change the nature of the city as we know it.

What if we could reimagine the way we live, work and dwell in our cities? What if we could unlock more room in dense urban areas by rethinking how we design, reuse and share the spaces that exist today and those we build for tomorrow?

What happens to the concept of space—and of sharing—when we are constantly on the move or ever-present in the digital realm? And what happens when we design for more supportive and adaptive communities to help us lead more efficient and happier lives?

These are some of the questions that underpin our explorations into Shared Living. If you’re curious to learn more, check out some of the projects and articles we’ve produced below.