Future Food Today: A SPACE10 Cookbook

May 14th
2 mins read

A collection of delicious and sustainable recipes from our Test Kitchen that help us eat better—for ourselves and the planet.

Future Food Today is SPACE10’s first cookbook, co-developed with our good friends Barkas. The result of months spent testing recipes from our Test Kitchen at home and abroad, it’s a tangible vision for what the sustainable kitchen of tomorrow may look like. Uniting technology, science and food, Future Food Today is a collection of sustainable recipes that keep both people and planet in mind.

Order our cookbook online here. The book will be shipped out and available at select stockists starting May 21st in the EU and Asia, and June 21st in the US. Future Food Today is published in collaboration with Frame.

Why Future Food Today?

We created this book to close the gap between future food trends and what actually happens in people’s kitchens. Future Food Today strives to bring out a positive vision for the future of food, and aims to give people the recipe to take action.

Although we cannot predict the future, we know that the way we consume and produce food must drastically change if we hope to make it better. Future Food Today’s recipes try to tackle this problem by staying away from unsustainable sources of protein and basing meals around micro-algae, insects and other ingredients that are easy on the environment and delicious.

Ultimately, we created this book to inspire ourselves and others to get curious in the kitchen, and to motivate us to take action through our food choices. At once aspirational and practical, we hope to give readers the tools they need to experiment with sustainable, healthy and delicious recipes in their own kitchens.

Some of the recipes call for ingredients you may not have seen before, like insects or algae; others are good old kitchen classics. We wanted to engage as many people as possible in this conversation, from well-seasoned gourmandes to aspirational foodies. It really is a book for everyone, as long as you have a curious mind and an interest in exploring a more sustainable future.

The Recipes

You’ll find meals to feed a crowd; sustainable fast food; no-waste snacks. There’s toasts, tagines, soups, salads; ferments, feasts, and not-so-classic comfort foods. The recipes span cultures and moods and seasons—but they’re all united by a desire to rekindle our fundamental need to come together over food and take care of ourselves and our planet.

The variety of recipes include:

About Frame Publishing

Best known for Frame magazine, Frame also has a portfolio of books targeted at design professionals and students. With an aim to empower spatial design excellence—enabling people to work, shop, relax and live in a better way—the brand’s series books support its aims, covering office, retail, hospitality and product design, as well as events and trade fair stands. Other recent releases includeLegacy, City Quitters and Night Fever 6.


  • Concept + Recipes + Art Direction: SPACE10, Copenhagen
  • Concept + Design: Barkas, Copenhagen and Stockholm
  • Publisher: Frame Publishers, Amsterdam
  • Photos by: Emil Hornstrup Jakobsen, Kasper Kristoffersen, Nicklas Ingemann, Nikolaj Thaning Rentzmann

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