Do You Speak Human: Democratising Tomorrow's AI

06.11.171 min read

Do You Speak Human? is an online survey designed to find out how people feel about artificial intelligence and to get them thinking about what they’d prefer the AI of the future to look like.

An example of what we call Playful Research, the survey is an attempt to open up the design process and take the many people’s concerns into account before we even decide how this topic should be explored further.

You see, we’re living in the age of AI—but many of us scarcely realise it. AI explains what we see in our Facebook news feed, how Netflix determines what we should watch next, and why Google Maps can predict where we’re heading when we jump in the car.

And this is just the start. Increasingly we’ll see computer-based life forms in our homes, our cars, our household goods — technology woven into the very fabric of our lives, living alongside us and making decisions on our behalf.

We launched Do You Speak Human? to start a conversation and encourage more people to think about the kind of relationship we should establish with this emerging technology.