Conversational Form: Turning the Web into Conversations

28.11.161 min read

Conversational Form is an open-source tool that enables people to turn information into conversations—be it report insights, application flows or something completely different altogether. In other words, by adding a few lines of extra code, web developers and designers can enable people to use websites in a more natural and relatable way.

No one has ever relished the thought of filling out a webform, and yet as our lives progressively move more and more online, they are a necessary staple of how we go about our days.

Conversational Form 1.0 takes this dry, common interface and turns it into an engaging conversation. With this open source development framework, this technology has been tweaked, upgraded and engaged with by developers all over the world, and has now matured into a fully realised framework, still available for free download on GitHub.

Conversational Form features include:

  • Turn any webform into a conversation with a single line of code
  • Build fully dynamic conversational experiences using our extensive API
  • Easily customise the conversation to fit your brand using SCSS
  • Browse through examples on integrating Conversational Form with React. Vue and Angular
  • Build conditional flows with multiple paths and outcomes
  • A new default UI that will make it easier and faster to adapt to your needs
  • An improved animation system to make it more fluent and smooth
  • Make it personal with reusable answers and question variations
  • Works great on both desktop and mobile