Building Blocks: Open Source Spaces for the Many

25.04.171 min read

Building Blocks is an open source exploration of future spaces that are applicable globally and can be manufactured locally.

Danish architecture students Johanne Holm-Jensen and Mia Behrens were invited do a six-month-long residency project at SPACE10.

Their task was to explore how to design low-cost, adaptable and sustainable homes that could be applicable globally and designed to be manufactured locally using a digital fabrication tool.

Johanne and Mia designed and built a micro-house using just one machine and one material, and at a material cost of €163 ($192) per square meter.

The intention was that anyone, anywhere could download the open source design, customise the house to suit different landscapes, terrains and cultures, “print” the necessary parts locally, and assemble the house relatively quickly and easily.

However, as a solution for providing housing, the design is not final yet. We are still experimenting with the prototype, and we now hope that others can add to or improve our design over time.

The vision is that by leveraging the world’s collective creativity and expertise, we can make low-cost, sustainable and modular houses available to anyone and, as a result, democratise the homes of tomorrow.

For more information please visit the Building Blocks microsite here, and email [email protected] to automatically download the design files today.

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