IMAGINE is a single-season podcast exploring the brave new world of shared living. It deeply dives into everything from groundbreaking discoveries about making “cities for people” to the latest research into well-being, and from Denmark’s largest co-housing communities to SPACE10’s own Playful Research into co-living. Featuring insights from architects, anthropologists, designers and urban planners, it reimagines the future and shows how shared living could help solve some of our biggest challenges.


From exclusive articles and interviews to thought-provoking ideas and case studies, IMAGINE investigates both prevailing trends and best practices in the exciting new field of shared living. As part of that, we’ve also produced a four-episode podcast with Copenhagen-based production studio Unsinkable Sam. It takes listeners on a whistle-stop tour of the shared living landscape and features interviews with architects, anthropologists, designers and urban planners.

IMAGINE – Page 157 – Illustration by Max Guther – Web

However, if you’d like to deep dive into the context behind the episodes, check out some summary articles below: