What's Cooking: Local Food

Copenhagen, SPACE10 18:30 - 22:00 CEST 10.04.18

What’s Cooking is a new series of dining experiences designed to unfold SPACE10’s exploration of food.

The first event, which we’re hosting in collaboration with culinary start-up .506 and wine importer Rosforth & Rosforth, will feature a delicious three-course meal and presentations by a number of thought-provoking speakers from across the world of food.

The topic for the evening will be “local food”. We’ll explore what we mean when we talk about “local” food—and consider why local food might be better for both people and the planet. We’ll also explore the values that define local food—and see whether we can use them to create a better global food system.

To help us, we’ll hear from the following experts throughout the evening:

  • Filipe Leal, CTO at Fresh.Land, which in 2015 developed a new sustainable model to shorten and digitize the food industry supply chain
  • Emmy Laura Perez Fjalland, a PhD candidate at the Danish Architecture Centre and Roskilde University who examines how the link between urban development, economics and food systems can help promote sustainable communities
  • Hanna Schaldemose, local goods food consultant at Coop, the largest retailer of consumer goods in Denmark
  • Søren Westh, director of culinary startup .506, which aims to create “new sustainable food habits” and show that sustainable food isn’t incompatible with flavour
  • Sune Rosforth, founder of wine importer Rosforth & Rosforth, which has imported organic, biodynamic and natural wine since 1994 and works with wine growers who respect nature

With places limited to just 40 guests, the event will be intimate and engaging—and equal parts inspiration and entertainment. Indeed, we hope to titillate the taste buds, spark conversations and debate, and inspire people to take action.