What If We Were Nomadic In The Future?

Delhi, SPACE10 Delhi 13:00 - 21:00 IST 15.02.20

Together with UnBox, we’re exploring how transience might shape the way we imagine our future cities.


The advent of agriculture marked a transition in history from humans leading nomadic lives as hunter-gatherers, to founding permanent settlements. Today, our built environments are designed for bolstering stability in one place, yet more people than ever appear to be on the move, by choice or by circumstance.

For our second edition of What if Saturdays at SPACE10 Delhi, we will explore how transience in location might shape the way we live. What would our homes, material acquisitions, kinship structures, workplaces and public places look like? What will we leave behind, for ourselves and for our planet?

This two-part event will begin with a speculative design workshop, by confirmed registration only. Sign up here. Selected participants will receive email confirmation.

This will be followed by talks from experts, a panel and reflections. Entry to the evening event is free but RSVP is mandatory.


Rahul Srivastava is a co-founder of urbz and The Institute of Urbanology. He brings his background in anthropology and visual ethnography to urbanology, the practice that energises much of urbz’s work in Mumbai and elsewhere. His published works include an ethnography of urbanized nomads around Mumbai, and ‘The Slum Outside’, a commentary on Dharavi, co-written with Matias Echanove with whom he continues to co-write extensively on urban issues.

Radha Mahendru is a researcher, curator and creative practitioner. Locating her practice at the intersection of art, advocacy and activism, her work opens out forms of engagement that art can produce outside of the exhibition space. Focusing her research on the productive overlaps between ecology, gender and digital humanities, she is currently imagining how we can weaponise our digital habits to disrupt algorithmic echo-chambers.

Dr. Tanuja Kothiyal teaches history at Delhi’s Ambedkar University. Her 2016 book ‘Nomadic Narratives’ explores the relationships between mobility, memory and identity in the Thar desert. Her research interests include studying networks of circulation, people, resources, and ideas in medieval and early modern western Rajasthan. She is interested in studying shifts in regional formations as well as exploring oral narrative traditions as ways through which counter narratives were produced and circulated.

Mukta Naik is an architect and urban planner, and a fellow at The Centre for Policy Research, where she focuses on understanding the links between internal migration and urbanisation in the Indian context. Her research interests include housing and urban poverty, urban informality, and internal migration, as well as urban transformations in small cities. She previously worked on a number of community-based interventions to improve housing in informal settlements.

About What If Saturdays

What if we could imagine radically different futures? And what if we collaborated to instigate ideas that shape their directions?

At What If Saturdays, SPACE10 and UnBox bring together diverse experts to ideate on alternative futures outside a commercial context. Every session is built on the premise of rarely asked questions followed by conversations that take shape through varied formats like talks, workshops, performances, excursions, hackathons and more. The goal of What if Saturdays is to energise the community about the possibilities of tomorrow, in the context of today.


UnBox Cultural Futures Society is a platform founded by Quicksand for exploring new narratives and instigating cross-disciplinary action — with the goal of reimagining India’s possible futures. As part of its agenda, UnBox creates festivals, labs and publications that bring together diverse practitioners from India and abroad for collaboration and expression. UnBox has its origins as an international design festival initiated in 2011 and has gone on to incubate platforms such as UnBox Labs, Eyemyth Media Arts Festival and Future Fiction.

Thank you Kati Patang Beer and Brewhouse Ice Tea.

Delhi, SPACE10 Delhi 13:00 - 21:00 IST 15.02.20