What If the Future Was Gender-Fluid?

Delhi, SPACE10 Delhi 17:00 - 21:00 IST 14.12.19

Together with UnBox, we’re exploring how a broadening gender spectrum will change the way we live and design the world around us.

Non-binary gender identities are gaining visibility and recognition in public discourse. Traditional gender constructs are being challenged. With that in mind, it’s ideal timing to imagine a new type of future — one in which gender is largely fluid and non-oppressive.

For our first edition of What if Saturdays at SPACE10 Delhi, we’ll explore how a broadening gender spectrum will change the way we live in and design the world around us. What would our social structures, cultural norms, media landscapes and physical spaces look like in a gender-fluid world? And most importantly, how will India contribute to re-imagining these futures?

We invite five speakers working with different dimensions of gender to reflect on their past work and present their future vision of a world without binaries. Their talks will be followed by an informal Q&A and discussion


Anish Gawande serves as the Director of the Dara Shikoh Fellowship, an interdisciplinary arts residency based in Jammu, Kashmir, and Ladakh. Invested in electoral politics, he advised candidates for the 2019 Indian parliamentary elections – and created Pink List India, the country’s first archive of queer-friendly politicians. He is  a Rhodes Scholar-Elect and will be pursuing an MPhil in Intellectual History at Oxford, studying global histories of sexuality and legal modifications of queerness in former Francophone and Anglophone colonies.

Durga Gawde is a sculptor, educator, activist and India’s first performing drag king. Being a gender fluid person, Durga felt compelled to be an activist and educate the masses about the presence of various non-binary identities in the world. They started to experiment with gender identity through drag and performance art with their persona called ‘Shakti’. Durga graduated with a BFA in Sculpture from Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) in 2015 and since then has given various talks and lectures throughout the country about art, design, technology and identity.

Geetanjali Misra is the co-Founder and Executive Director of CREA, feminist human rights organisation based in New Delhi. Geeta also co-founded SAKHI for South Asian women in New York and is a serving member of the Astraea Foundation Board and the Amnesty International Task Force  for Gender and Diversity. She is a feminist and a film buff who has worked at the activist, grant-making, and policy levels on issues of sexuality, reproductive health, gender, human rights, and violence against women.

Kalpana Viswanath is the co-founder and CEO of Safetipin, a crowdsourcing data tool designed for cities to become safer and more inclusive for women and everyone else. She has worked on issues of gender and urbanisation for over 20 years with several organisations including UN Women, UN Habitat and Jagori among others. Kalpana was also a part of the committee that prepared a report on Women’s Safety in Delhi for the city government and also has a weekly column in Hindustan Times on urban issues.

Vqueeram Aditya is a researcher at the Centre for Law and Policy Research, Bangalore. Vqueeram works on sexuality and gender only because they are interested in the banal, disappointing and fabulous. They live and love in Delhi.

About What If Saturdays

What if we could imagine radically different futures? And what if we collaborated to instigate ideas that shape their directions?

At What If Saturdays, SPACE10 and UnBox bring together diverse experts to ideate on alternative futures outside a commercial context. Every session is built on the premise of rarely asked questions followed by conversations that take shape through varied formats like talks, workshops, performances, excursions, hackathons and more. The goal of What if Saturdays is to energise the community about the possibilities of tomorrow, in the context of today.


Thank you Kati Patang and Quicksand.

Delhi, SPACE10 Delhi 17:00 - 21:00 IST 14.12.19