SPACE10 Session: Is ‘Better’ Better? with Daisy Ginsberg

Online, on Zoom 17:00 - 18:00 CEST 23.06.20

We are often advertised the promise of a better future. But what is ‘better’? Whose idea of ‘better’ should be delivered, and who gets to decide? In this Session, artist Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg explores our ideas of what ‘better’ can mean.

This Week

Through artworks, writing, and curatorial projects, Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg’s work investigates the human impulse to ‘better’ the world, via subjects as diverse as artificial intelligence, exobiology, synthetic biology, conservation, biodiversity, and evolution.

Ginsberg has noted that we are constantly bombarded with messages promising a better future, from groups such as advertisers, politicians, and even scientists. But ‘better’ is not a universal good or a verified measure; it is imbued with politics and values. And ‘better’ will not be delivered equally, if at all.

We have an opportunity to reimagine a world that is better for more people and more species. In this Session, Ginsberg will lead an open discussion, allowing us to explore what ‘better’ could mean, and how we could make our future better.

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About the Guest

Dr Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg is an artist examining our fraught relationships with nature and technology. She has spent over ten years experimentally engaging with the field of synthetic biology, and is lead author of Synthetic Aesthetics: Investigating Synthetic Biology’s Designs on Nature (MIT Press, 2014). Her PhD by practice, Better, at London’s Royal College of Art, interrogated how powerful dreams of ‘better’ futures shape the things that get designed.

How to Attend

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Online, on Zoom 17:00 - 18:00 CEST 23.06.20