SPACE10 Session: Introducing Bee Home

Online, on Zoom 17:00 - 18:00 CEST 02.06.20

In this SPACE10 Session, we are proud to invite you for a conversation with the team behind our latest release: the Bee Home project. Meet the collaborators and hear more about how you can support the global solitary bee population.

This Week

Bees are essential for all life on our planet —including a third of all human food. But bees are also under increasing threat of extinction because of human impact. That’s why SPACE10 wants to make it easy for anyone, anywhere to design a beautiful home for this vital animal. Bee Home takes advantage of the newest developments in digital fabrication and parametric design, and introduces entirely new distribution methods to enable a fully democratic design process, where anyone can design and fabricate their own Bee Home locally to place in their gardens, balconies or neighbourhoods.

This SPACE10 Session is the opening event for the forthcoming summer exhibition at SPACE10 Gallery in Copenhagen, where you’ll be able to drop by, play around with the design and have your own Bee Home fabricated on demand.

Head first…

About the Guests

Tanita Klein is an interior and product designer currently in residency at SPACE10. She values rethinking, authenticity and ease in her work. As a founding member of the Off Plate Collective, her past projects include portraying future cuisine in a temporary restaurant, and her TSL kitchen design, made for central placement in a room to accommodate contemporary living. Most recently, Tanita has crossed her design practice into the world of bees.

Myles Palmer is Project Lead at Bakken & Bæck, leading the digital interface for Bee Home. Bakken & Bæck is a technology-driven design studio. They help ambitious companies identify, explore and respond to new opportunities by building digital solutions that stand the test of time.

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How to Attend

This SPACE10 Session is hosted on Zoom. You can sign up by clicking the ‘Attend’-button and submitting your name, email address, and location. From then on, just download Zoom so you’re ready to go — it should all take two minutes in total.

On the day, be ready and logged in by 5 pm so we can welcome all participants at once. But if you’re late, don’t worry — you can sneak in, we won’t tell anyone. When you enter the event, you will be muted to make the sonic experience as smooth as possible for all of us — but we hope you’ll drop an emoji or a greeting in the chat. And you may want to bring some questions for our guest!

*Note: We’re mindful of privacy rights and GDPR guidelines, so we’d like you to know that we intend to capture the event with a screen recording. The recording will likely be used to share our activities with our community — in the form of event images, in articles or public presentations. You will therefore automatically be asked for consent in order to enter the Session. If you in any way feel that we crossed a boundary and wish for your image not to be used, we highly welcome you to contact us — either at the event or through [email protected] Thanks in advance, and we’re looking forward to seeing you.

Online, on Zoom 17:00 - 18:00 CEST 02.06.20