SPACE10 Gallery: Bee Home

Copenhagen, SPACE10 09:00 - 16:00 CEST 02.06.20 - 30.09.20
Photo — Niklas Adrian Vindelev

An open-source design project inviting you to create a beautiful home for bees.


As pollinators, bees have maintained biodiversity and kept planet Earth healthy for millions of years. But as we humans have built cities and expanded industrial farming, we’ve jeopardised their natural habitat.

It’s time we give back. With Bee Home, we want to make it easy for anyone anywhere to help bees thrive again. Our open-source design is free to use and allows for flexibility in materials, sizing and placement. You can produce it locally and, most importantly, help restore the relationship between people and nature.

About the exhibition

At our exhibition, you can learn much more about the importance of bees and the development of our design. You’ll also get the chance to design and fabricate your very own Bee Home — and please make use of it — because if bees don’t have a home on planet Earth, neither do we.

Due to the COVID-19 situation, the opening event will be online through one of our SPACE10 Sessions. Throughout the exhibition, we will follow the restrictions from the Danish government.


The project is made in collaboration with technology-driven design studio Bakken & Bæck and designer Tanita Klein.

Exhibition hours

Exhibition opening (SPACE10 Session):
June 2nd, 5–6 PM CEST

Regular SPACE10 Gallery hours:
Tuesday to Friday, 9 AM–4 PM

Copenhagen, SPACE10 09:00 - 16:00 CEST 02.06.20 - 30.09.20