SPACE10 Delhi Opening

Delhi, SPACE10 Delhi 18:00 - 22:00 IST 22.11.19

We want to be where the future is. On November 22, we’ll launch a new research and design lab in Delhi — our first location of this nature beyond Copenhagen.

About SPACE10 Delhi

Although we’ve previously popped up in cities across the world — New York, London, Shanghai and Nairobi, to name a few — SPACE10 Delhi is our second official location beyond Copenhagen.

SPACE10 Delhi will exist for six months. Our mission is to create a platform where experts, creatives and specialists in multiple fields can meet, experiment, and prototype solutions in collaboration.

Why Delhi

We know that innovation doesn’t happen in isolation. We want to anchor our research and design process closer to people — and Delhi is the ideal place to do that.

Delhi is a sprawling metropolis, young, thriving, growing each day. It faces issues such as rapid urbanisation and an affordable housing crisis – and is at the forefront of the climate emergency. We view Delhi as a cultural force, imbued with a deep historical legacy, yet a hotbed of innovation. Delhi is full of progressive initiatives exploring public and contemporary art, music, design, architecture and emergent technologies. We believe India is the ideal place to learn and explore new sustainable and scalable solutions that can help combat real problems for real people.

Evening Program

The evening will include an introduction to SPACE10 by co-founder and managing director of SPACE10 Kaave Pour, music and live performances curated by, and snacks by Chef Radhika Khandelwal of Fig & Maple — a zero-waste, biodiversity-focused, farm-to-fork restaurant.

Registration on Eventbrite is required but tickets are free. is an online radio station born of an urgent need for a community-run platform focusing on alternative music and culture in India. They offer a carefully-mined perspective on India’s emergent music and culture scenes, both on and off the internet.

Native Indian
Native Indian is the electronic project of producer and singer/rapper Siva Baskaran. His influences range from Indian classical music to heavy metal and jazz. With a cinematic approach, Native Indian speaks of ideas that are characteristic to Indian culture. The project also aims to be a platform to discuss and debate the social conditions of modern India.

Chef Radhika Khandelwal
Radhika Khandelwal is the chef-owner of local restaurants Fig & Maple and Ivy & Bean. A representative of India at the Chefs’ Manifesto, Chef Radhika is an advocate for sustainable development goals putting it into practise daily at Delhi’s first sustainable restaurant.

Thanks to: Bira 91, Greater Than Gin, Third Roast Coffee, Krishi Cress Kombucha and Sepoy & Co.

Delhi, SPACE10 Delhi 18:00 - 22:00 IST 22.11.19