Propela presents: The Future Of_

London, Shoreditch 09:00 - 18:00 BST 20.09.17

Propela presents a talk series exploring the edges of tomorrow.

The Future Of_ is an event series where Propela invites future-shapers to illuminate us with their thoughts on the near and far future. By cutting out the middle man, you get direct access to the creatives who are influencing the edges of tomorrow. The Future Of_ is curated and produced by Propela, and takes place during the SPACE10 pop-up Exploring Spaces of Tomorrow. Learn more about the event at


The Future of Nature — Natsai Audrey Chieza

Boston-based, Zimbabwe-born, designer Natsai Audrey Chieza is founder and Creative Director of Faber Futures, an industry-leading studio rooted in biomaterial R&D across bio-fabrication, digital fabrication and traditional craft processes. Her projects harness the power of nature to create sustainable and therapeutic material alternatives.

Her work around non-toxic, bio-pigments for textiles using bacteria, has distinguished her practice and elevated her prestige amongst the scientific community, so much so that she’s one of the few designers working inside a biotech company. She has been invited to speak at TED Global this August in Africa.

The Future of Paper — Dr Kate Stone

“Dr Kate Stone is a game- changer and she is going to shake up the world as we know it” — Bloomberg Europe 2016

Imagine a world where a teenager’s bedroom poster comes to life with the launch of a new album, or an LP that enables you to DJ from the actual record sleeve itself, or a notebook that actually plays musical notes? This is the world Dr Kate Stone is creating by adding interaction and capacitive touch to everything from hats and mandalas through to packaging and books.

With a degree in Electronics and a PhD in Physics from Cambridge University; Dr Kate Stone founded the award-winning lab Novalia to explore the space where traditional print and conventional electronics converge. Her company has created a new frontier for traditional industries that we already know and love, but which until now have been locked out of the technology age.

The Future of Wellness — Rachel Wingfield

Rachel is a biological architect specialising in responsive environments inspired by the study of living systems. Through her studio Loop.pH, Rachel speculates on near and far-off future scenarios that explore emerging biological and technological futures. Through crafting spaces, technology and living materials into visionary environments, her work is a “call to action” for designers to intervene at an urban scale and develop collaborative tools for public engagement.

The Future of Humanity — Liam Young

Speculative Architect Liam Young is one half of the think tank, Tomorrow’s Thoughts Today. Liam borrows techniques from the worlds of fiction, film and futures and leverages them as imaginative tools to explore the implications and consequences of emerging trends, technologies and ecological conditions as a means to understand our ‘current’ world in new ways.

His two recent projects are world firsts: Where The City Can’t See is the first narrative fiction film shot entirely with laser scanners and In The Robot Skies is shot entirely through autonomous drones.

The Future of Consumption — Paula Zuccotti

Paula Zuccotti is a trend forecaster, photographer and creative consultant developing future visions of products and services for the likes of Google, Starbucks, Nike, LG, Microsoft, and Ikea. Her focus on ethnographic, user-centric research has been paramount to finding real opportunities for innovation.

Paula is also the author of Every Thing We Touch: A 24-Hour Inventory of Our Lives, a best-seller collection of photographic essays on everyday life published by Penguin Random House UK and recently translated into Mandarin for the Chinese market. The project became the storytelling technique used for ŠKODA Octavia’s “Loved, not owned” campaign. It created a snapshot in time of the Octavia owner’s lives and the relationships they have with their cars; as told through the objects that travel in them.

Rocket Pitch

Propela is always on the look-out for the next generation of thought leaders, so each year we trawl post-graduate exhibitions for the best in show and invite them to pitch their projects to the audience for a cash prize. Here are Propela’s top three masters students for 2017.

Masters Student A: Maria Apud Bell (Royal College of Art — Innovation Design Engineering)

Project: Mela Mela—a service company supplying a monthly chocolate box of bacterial cocktails, specifically designed for your health. It monitors your bacterial needs via a disposable Gutbot, an electronic pill which measures your microbiota from inside your body. This data is fed back into your next box of biobons.

Masters Student B: Martina Rocca (Central Saint Martins — Material Futures)

Project: Emovos. It is predicted that consumers will be able to buy emotions by the year 2045 and by this stage an additional 2.5 billion people are expected to attain at least middle-class income levels—creating an unsustainable level of consumption. Using neuroscience and VR, Emovos creates immersive and commercial experiences that replicate the feeling of consumption without the need for materials.

Masters Student C: Lucy Hardcastle (Royal College of Art — Information Experience Design)

Project: Qualia. Our relationship with the surfaces we interact with have changed, not least with glass—a material we swipe, tap and scroll every day. Lucy’s work seeks to reclaim the materiality and experience of glass with Qualia, a concept interpretation of the ‘screen of the future’ imbued with sensory tactility.

London, Shoreditch 09:00 - 18:00 BST 20.09.17