Portable Spaces: WikiHouse + SPACE10

London, Shoreditch 18:30 - 21:30 BST 21.09.17

What if spaces could be designed in one place and built in many? How can we create sustainable, affordable spaces for everyone, anywhere, with the help of open-source design and distributed manufacturing? How do we use the internet as a distribution platform for spaces, thereby making spaces portable? Explore portable spaces of tomorrow with WikiHouse and SPACE10.

We’ll hear from Alastair Parvin, co-founder of WikiHouse, an open source project seeking to reinvent the way we make homes. WikiHouse is being developed by architects, designers, engineers, inventors, manufacturers and builders, collaborating to develop the best, simplest, most sustainable, high-performance building technologies, which anyone can use and improve. Its aim is for these technologies to become new industry standards—the bricks and mortar of the digital age.

A designer and civic entrepreneur based in London, Alastair is working on better housing systems, democratic cities and technology made by and for everyone. He also thinks, writes, speaks and advises on strategic design, housing policy and what the digital revolution means for cities, society, markets, sustainable development and our ability to tackle the most social, environmental and economic challenges of the 21st century.

Additionally, we will be joined by Liz Corbin, doctoral researcher at the Institute of Making. Her research explores the emergence of open workshops in Britain; investigating the materials, processes and cultures of practice indicative of this ever-fluid sector, particularly in relation to systems of production. Her work has included founding the Open Workshop Network as well as co-founding Maker Assembly, and has helped to shape the debate around makerspaces and maker culture in Britain.

Both will present their thoughts on housing in the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Afterwards, Opendesk cofounder and creative director Joni Steiner will join them on stage to discuss how the web, combined with digital manufacturing, has the potential to change the shape of our housing industries in the 21st century, and with it our relationship with our homes.

We’ll also get the perspective of Janet and Martin Mobbs, the owners of the Wiki Farmhouse—the world’s first WikiHouse home. They’re currently building a two-storey, open source, plywood building outside London, to be used as an agricultural worker’s dwelling, and will give us their unique take on the increasing potential of open source architecture.

Get your ticket to be on the guestlist, but remember to arrive in time to secure your seat. First come, first served. The event is free but limited to 100 participants.

From 18-23 September, SPACE10 is hosting a pop-up in Shoreditch to explore the consequences of urbanisation and the spaces we inhabit. Over the course of six days, during London Design Festival, we will examine the concept of space from different perspectives. Learn more and sign up for the different events here.

London, Shoreditch 18:30 - 21:30 BST 21.09.17