Intelligent Spaces: Propela + SPACE10

London, Shoreditch 18:30 - 21:00 BST 20.09.17

What if we could interact with spaces the way we interact with people? What if spaces could speak our language and accommodate our individual needs? What if technology and artificial intelligence were embedded in spaces? How will augmented reality influence our relation to and perception of space? Explore intelligent spaces of tomorrow with Propela and SPACE10.

Together with Propela—“the UK’s leading representation agency for creatives on the bleeding edge of art and design”—we will examine how technology affects our spaces.

Melissa Sterry is an award-winning design scientist and systems theorist, and widely recognised as an authority on the science, technology and thinking that could help build a brighter future. She explores the potentialities inherent in new and emerging ideas and innovations in fields such as architecture, manufacturing, communications and fashion.

At the Intelligent Spaces evening session, Melissa will explore intelligence and how it impacts society on all scales, from cities to nations. She will then discuss ecological systems thinking and enable the audience to recognise the transient nature of intelligence—and how it applies to designers.

We will also hear from Maarten Nefkens, strategy director at Amsterdam-based creative agency Dawn, and co-founder of the Cultural Studio—a new think-tank that helps organisations take control of a changing world. He will discuss something that is often taken for granted, but has an immense impact on tomorrow’s society, economy and homes: energy. His presentation will provide a fascinating insight into the ways that energy is shaping future living.

Bas van de Poel from SPACE10 will discuss how augmented reality (AR) might profoundly influence our lives in the future. He will talk about different technologies driving AR, discuss how AR affects our relation to and perception of space, and present some mind-boggling cases to give us a glimpse of the augmented future.

Lastly, we’re proud to be joined by Liam Young, an Australian-born architect who operates in “the space between design, fiction and futures”—and whose presentation should not be missed. Liam will present “an audio-visual expedition to a city found somewhere between the present and the predicted, the real and the imagined, stitched together from fragments of real landscapes and designed urban fictions”.

Get your ticket to be on the guestlist, but remember to arrive in time to secure your seat. First come, first served. The event is free but limited to 100 participants.

Make sure also to check out The Future Of_—an event series curated and produced by Propela that is taking place in the space during the day. Learn more about the program at futureof.co.

From 18-23 September, SPACE10 is hosting a pop-up in Shoreditch to explore the consequences of urbanisation and the spaces we inhabit. Over the course of six days, during London Design Festival, we will examine the concept of space from different perspectives. Learn more and sign up for the different events here.

London, Shoreditch 18:30 - 21:00 BST 20.09.17