IG Live: Yuri Suzuki’s Sound Bubbles

Online 16:00 - 17:00 CEST 10.06.21

Our new series of Everyday Experiments challenges the way we think about safety and security at home. Meet Yuri Suzuki discussing his experiment, Sound Bubbles, in conversation with SPACE10’s Georgina McDonald, on 10 June, 4pm CEST, on Instagram Live.



Now, more than ever, we find ourselves using the home for a myriad of activities. A living room becomes an office; a kitchen becomes a call centre. This constant presence of activity challenges our sense of privacy, not only regarding personal space, but also sound. With Sound Bubbles, experience designer Yuri Suzuki and his team set out to explore how we might be able to harness sound itself to create moments of localised silence.

‘Although humans have an innate ability to screen out specific sounds or frequencies, we face an increasing number of daily sound pollutants as well as a growing need for privacy,’ Yuri explains.

Sound Bubbles would allow you to construct silent zones of privacy within the home using spatial audio.

Tune in to our Instagram Live on 10 June at 4pm CEST, for a closer look at Sound Bubbles. Yuri and SPACE10’s Georgina McDonald will discuss the tension between transparency and security, and Yuri’s creative approach as a designer.

01_Yuri Suzuki’s Sound Bubbles

How to Attend

This event will take place on Instagram Live.

Follow us on @space10 and tune in on 10 June at 4pm CEST.

About the speakers

Yuri Suzuki is an experience and sound designer who works at the intersection of installation, interaction and product design. He joined Pentagram as a partner in 2018. His work encompasses sound, music, installations, product design, art direction, education and contemporary art for clients ranging from corporations to musicians to startups.

Georgina McDonald is lead design producer at SPACE10. Georgina’s current focus is on Everyday Experiments, a series of digital experiments by SPACE10 and IKEA exploring new ways of interacting with the spaces we live in.

Online 16:00 - 17:00 CEST 10.06.21