Gathering a Cyberfeminism Index with Mindy Seu

Copenhagen, SPACE10 17:30 - 20:00 CET 31.01.23
Cyberfeminism Index cover — design by Laura Coombs

Designer, educator, and researcher Mindy Seu joins us to launch her new book, Cyberfeminism Index.

Beyond a network of cables, servers and computers, the internet is a space that is shaped by (and shapes) the people who use it. While dominant tales favour its evolution from the male gaze, different internet histories exist — intersectional internets that enable and empower multiple forms of online identity.

Founded and edited by designer, professor, and researcher Mindy Seu, Cyberfeminism Index documents 700 instances of radical techno-critical activism, feminist manifestos, hackerspaces, hardware, wetware education and net art from 1991 to 2020. By gathering and sharing excluded tech histories, the project reclaims cyberspace as a platform for criticality, mutation and entanglement.

As an online database, and now a book, Cyberfeminism Index documents the perspectives of hackers, scholars, artists, and activists of diverse identities to consider how humans might continue to reconstruct themselves with and through technologies.

About the event

Join us for a performative reading and discussion to launch the book, Cyberfeminism Index. Editor Mindy Seu will be in conversation with SPACE10’s Kathryn Bishop to unfold this archive of cyberfeminist resources and references that contributes to glitching, decolonising and disrupting the internet.

A small number of copies will also be available for sale during the event.

About the speakers

Mindy Seu gathers the histories of technology to analyse and inform contemporary society. Trained as a graphic designer, she works collaboratively across the disciplines of design, art, and technology to document overlooked voices. These projects are expressed in a variety of forms, from archival projects and techno-critical writing to performative lectures and resource sharing. Her work is both technological and interdisciplinary, marking the ways that online environments intersect with issues of race, gender, culture, and power.

Kathryn Bishop works with editorial and research at SPACE10.

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Join us at SPACE10 in Copenhagen on Tuesday 31 January 2023 from 5:30pm CET. We hope to see you there!

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Copenhagen, SPACE10 17:30 - 20:00 CET 31.01.23