Designing for Natural Interfaces: Vision

Copenhagen, SPACE10 17:00 - 21:00 CEST 12.03.18

SPACE10 is pleased to present ‘Designing for Natural Interfaces: Vision’—our first event in a new series of lectures that aims to be a leading forum for debate and discussion about the way technology is changing the world.


We are standing on the cusp of a fundamental shift in how we interact with technology.

From computer vision to voice searches to brain interfaces, myriads of new technological developments are emerging—raising questions about what’s to come as a result.

The ‘Designing For Natural Interfaces’ lectures aim to detect patterns in the chaos, separate the signal from the noise, and make sense of our fast-changing world.

In particular, the lectures will explore how to design technology that we can use in more natural and intuitive ways—resulting in applications that complement everyday human behaviour.

Held monthly, each lecture is free and will feature a panel of cutting-edge speakers drawn from a wide range of disciplines, from artists and philosophers, to social scientists and technologists.


One day soon, computers will be able to analyse their surroundings visually and generate a complete understanding of their immediate environment.

This fast-moving field is called *computer vision*. It’s the keystone of emerging technology such as augmented reality and autonomous cars—and underpins the technology in surveillance cameras.

The more sophisticated computer vision gets, the more likely it is that it will become the main way we interact with machines. Right now, we may think of computers as tools with cameras that take photos—but soon, we may view them as machines with eyes that can see.

What are the opportunities of this fundamental shift in technology? What should designers think long and hard about? What are the consequences for privacy and data retention? And what happens to the human experience when our devices are interfaces to be looked through, not at?

Those are some of the questions that will be unfolded throughout ‘Designing for Natural Interfaces: Vision’ by three speakers, each of whom is armed with unique expertise from a diverse area within the field of computer vision.


You can sign up for the lecture here. Please keep in mind that capacity is limited.

A few days before the event, we’ll publish Lecture Notes you can read to get a stronger grasp around the topic of Vision and think of questions and areas of debate you’d like to pursue during the event.

Copenhagen, SPACE10 17:00 - 21:00 CEST 12.03.18