SPACE10 Session: Designing Beyond Earth with Melodie Yashar

Online, on Zoom 18:00 - 19:00 CEST 10.11.21

Design for remote, extreme and isolated environments arrives at the essence of balancing human needs with planetary considerations. We’re talking with architect Melodie Yashar in this SPACE10 Session about her work concurrently designing for other planets, as well as ours.

About the event

Can human beings not only live, but thrive, in space environments beyond Earth? Using accessible, resilient housing solutions like 3D printing can shift the paradigm for home building on Earth, but it could also be deployed to support housing development on the Moon, and elsewhere in space.

Melodie Yashar’s work as a researcher, architect and consultant with NASA and other aerospace companies is to conceive, investigate and produce innovative, human-centered designs for use on and off our planet. Of the many dual use technologies developed for both Earth and space, Melodie focuses on the development of large scale additive manufacturing solutions to disrupt the status quo of construction practices on Earth, and introduce a more sustainable way of creating permanent infrastructure on the Moon and Mars.

In this SPACE10 Session, we will glimpse some of Melodie’s off-world work and discover its implications on Earth.

About the speaker

Melodie Yashar is a design architect, technologist, and researcher. Melodie’s work focuses on large-scale 3D-printing and the development of construction technologies to build off-world habitats and ensure a permanent human presence on the Moon and eventually Mars.

How to attend

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Online, on Zoom 18:00 - 19:00 CEST 10.11.21