Creativity in the Age of AI

Copenhagen, SPACE10 17:30 - 20:00 CET 09.02.23

A video screening and talk on the role of human creativity in a design world that’s increasingly enmeshed with machines.

In just a few short months, generative AI platforms have taken the world by storm, leading a technological and design revolution that promises new ways of creating. These autonomous systems challenge our own imaginations and creativity, leaving us to question how we got here, and more importantly, where we might be headed in the future.

About the event

This is the second event in SPACE10’s series Navigating AI, which explores AI as a tool for becoming better designers, thinkers, and creators.

We will present a short video, Creativity in the Age of AI, created with Áron Filkey and Joss Fong using AI models. The video travels back through history to understand how the adoption and adaptation of tech innovations have improved everyday life.

Joss and Áron will talk about why we have mixed feelings about generative AI. They will explore the pros and cons of this tool, from how it contributed to the making of the video, to concerns surrounding the technology.

The evening will conclude with a conversation between SPACE10’s Playful Research team, Alexandra Zenner, Georgina McDonald, and Ryan Sherman, together with Joss and Áron. They will discuss the evolution of AI: how we got here and where we are headed, AI’s growing role in the creative process, and what the history of creative tools can teach us about the future.

About the speakers

Joss Fong is a video journalist who has been writing, editing, and animating explainer videos about science and technology for the past eight years. She holds a masters in science reporting from NYU.

Áron Filkey is a designer and art director from Budapest, living in New York. He develops unique visuals for everything from commercials to art events, tv shows and music videos.

Alexandra Zenner works in creative and planning at SPACE10.

Georgina McDonald works in creative and partnerships at SPACE10.

Ryan Sherman works in creative and strategy at SPACE10.

How to attend

Our events are open to all and free to attend. Please register in advance via the button below.

Join us at SPACE10 in Copenhagen on Thursday 9 February 2023 at 5:30pm CET. For those unable to join in person, the event will be streamed on IG Live. We hope to see you there!

Copenhagen, SPACE10 17:30 - 20:00 CET 09.02.23