Community Talk: Limbo AccrA

Copenhagen, SPACE10, DK 18:00 - 20:00 CET 22.11.19

As we reach the final day of ‘Concrete Skeletons: Exploring the liminal space of an African Metropolis’ we are rounding up with a talk by curators Limbo AccrA about the themes central to their work and exhibition.


Over the last decades, the infrastructural developments of emerging cities seem to have taken a ‘spatial turn’. In Africa specifically, cities are undergoing profound transformations as they increasingly transition from traditional community land ownership to being at the hands of high-end buyers and property speculators. Currently exhibited at SPACE10 Gallery, Limbo AccrA’s exhibition titled ‘Concrete Skeletons: Exploring the liminal space of an African Metropolis’ revolves around the spatiality of these developments.

About the talk

Limbo AccrA’s talk will focus on their approach to reflecting on the spatial processes of African urbanism, and how these translate into large and flexible outlets for experimentation in public art and culture programming.

Limbo AccrA has invited Jørgen Eskemose Andersen, Architect & Associate Professor at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, to share insights from his vast work in affordable housing projects in a list of major cities across Africa.

About the curators

Limbo AccrA is a spatial art platform, aimed at exploring the role of architecture and the shifting urban paradigms in African life. It serves as a platform to illuminate and address issues of urbanity through the production of installations in city spaces. Limbo AccrA’s medium has primarily focused on uncompleted property developments in Accra, Ghana to examine peripheral urban spaces and their transformation.

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Copenhagen, SPACE10, DK 18:00 - 20:00 CET 22.11.19