Andel 2.0

Copenhagen, SPACE10 17:00 - 20:00 CET 10.05.18

An exhibition revealing the andelsbolig of the future by In-Between Economies in collaboration with Doma and Eutropian for Copenhagen Architecture Festival x 2018

A century ago Denmark gave us the first collective housing model—andelsbolig—but we don’t build this way anymore. Over the past decades, land values have soared and risk has sky-rocketed. But today we have new digital tools to distribute risk, leverage finance and coordinate large groups of people. What can we do with these changes?

Reframing the design question from what buildings look like to how they are produced means taking a proactive role in housing production. It means reorienting urban planning from being speculation towards a platform for wellbeing. Join us for the exhibition opening as we pitch the results of the co-creation session, have presentations by the collaborating groups, and unfold the discussion around what Andel 2.0 could be.

The exhibition Andel 2.0 will be open until Friday the 18th.

Animation by: Studio Atlant

Copenhagen, SPACE10 17:00 - 20:00 CET 10.05.18