Altered Relations

Copenhagen, SPACE10, DK 18:00 - 20:30 CEST 06.03.20

Should we imagine alternate realities when living in a time of crisis? Together with academics from the Icelandic University of the Arts, we explore the role of imagination in designing for the future and alternative realities.


With real-world problems surrounding us — from climate change to population inflation to a growing dependence on technology — is it advantageous to imagine other possibilities? How do we engage with these imagined possibilities to consider alternate ways of doing, and what are the effects of doing so?

This event will feature three short lectures focused on: critical areas of study for Icelandic designers, how reality and philosophy relate in design and, finally, the purpose of imagination in design. Following the lectures will be a performance in which the speakers will weave a tale of transformation using multimedia; augmented reality, props, costumes and scenography among other things. The evening will end with a panel discussion and light refreshments.


About the speakers

Both speakers are academics in the MA program in Design Explorations & Translations program at the Icelandic University of the Arts. Garðar Eyjólfsson, associate professor and the program director of the MA, holds a background in product design and contextual studies. Marteinn Sindri Jónsson, adjunct professor, has a background in philosophy. He is also a musician and has worked as a radio producer for the Icelandic National Radio for years.

Copenhagen, SPACE10, DK 18:00 - 20:30 CEST 06.03.20