SPACE10 Mexico City Pop-Up

Beyond Human-Centered Design

LOOT, Roma Norte

26 March – 9 April 2022

How can we meet the needs and dreams of the many people while remaining within the boundaries of the planet? At SPACE10, we consider this one of the biggest and most urgent creative challenges of our time.

From 26 March to 9 April 2022, SPACE10 created a platform to gather diverse perspectives in Mexico City. Through talks, interactive experiences, exhibitions and workshops, we explored the theme ‘Beyond Human-Centered Design’. We invited a stimulating line-up of thought leaders to share their work, and together, we worked towards reimagining the relationship between humans, technology, and our planet.

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If the human species has single-handedly changed the planet's ecosystem for the worse, then collectively, we are capable of repairing it.

The climate crisis is our greatest challenge. From a design perspective, part of the problem is that we’ve been putting people at the centre for far too long. Humans should of course be part of the equation — but not at the expense of our planet. The UN has declared this moment ‘code red for humanity’ and the most important decade has begun. Since we have undeliberately designed ourselves into this mess the question is: How will we design our way out of it?

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