Research and
Design Lab

SPACE10 is a research and design lab on a mission to enable a better everyday life for people and planet.

SPACE10 – Residency – University Collaboration MIT – Nava Haghighi – Print – Photo by Nikolaj Rohde – 22 SPACE10 – SolarVille – Web – Photo by Irina Boersma – 01 (1) Screenshot 2019-05-03 at 12.53.03 Hero Image 3 – SPACE10 – The Urban Village Project – A Sustainable Home View – Made by EFFEKT Architects for SPACE10 NiklasAdrianVindelev_Space10_Selection00004 algae-cropped SPACE10 – Delhi – Print – Photo by Athul Prasad – 2


We research the societal, environmental and technical shifts likely to impact people’s everyday lives.


We design inclusive, circular and digitally-enabled solutions for people and the planet.


We build and facilitate a global research and design community and engage them in our projects to accelerate our mission.